Easy access to your own cosmetics private label

IntoBeauty provides premium Swiss quality skincare formulas and finished products to worldwide based companies, from start to finish, and fully compliant with your country's registration criteria.

Our service covers all the steps necessary to develop your brand: Research and development, ingredients proposal & concept, formulation, texture proposals, packaging selection, design, testing, Swiss trade mark registration, project management and manufacturing.

5 steps to develop your best cosmetics brand  

Use our know-how to develop innovative, luxury skincare formulations made in Switzerland.

STEP 1: Idea

desinfektions mittel desinfectant solution bottle gel

In our development process, the first step is to discuss your project with our experts.
In this meeting, we will discuss with you your project, your vision, your brand, your target markets, your timeline and your goals and your budget. We need to understand what your are hoping to achieve with your own cosmetics brand and in this way we can best identify how we can best support you in achieving your goals.

STEP 2: Formulation development

Tailor-made formulations
Tailor-made skincare formulation offers a high degree of involvement in the development and selection of key ingredients. We are able to work with your existing formulations, reformulate any of our private label products or develop new tailor-made products based on your or our ideas.
Ready-for-sale formulations
Alternatively, we also carry a number of ready-to-brand products (SPF, anti-aging, natural / ECOCERT, plant stem cells, moisturizing, lifting, anti-wrinkles, anti-acne, whitening, anti-blue light, detox, etc.) that you can place your personal touch on.

STEP 3: Design & Packaging

One of the keys to success of any skincare private label is the design. We work with a team of designers, ready to develop a complete new look for your brand, logo, layouts. Our designers can also assist you with marketing material layout and design, POS materials and any other marketing support you require.
We offer a wide range of quality packaging for our clients – including bottles, jars, tubes, droppers, capsules and ampoules. We will present you with the best options available that meet your branding goals.

STEP 4: Production

As soon as the products are selected, story is written, packaging chosen, formulations tested and design created – it is time to produce.


STEP 5: Shipping

Your products will be prepared for the delivery:
- Legalized with appropriate documents
- Fully tested for your consumer´s safety
- Fully compliant with your country´s registration criteria



Cleansing Creams, Foaming Cleansers, Tonic Lotions, Moisturizers, Anti-Ageing Creams, Eye Creams, Exfoliators, Masks, Serums, Anti-Acne Care, Ampoules skincare, cosmeceuticals, Body Care, SPF Sun Care, Baby Care, Oral Care, Men´s Products.

IntoBeuaty is also producing some food supplements / nutriceutical products, such as vitamins, marine drinkable collagen, hyaluronic acid capsules and drinks.

Ingredients we use:

Peptides, vitamins (A, C, E, B12 etc), plant stem cells, sodium hyaluronate all types, fruit, flower, leaf extracts, placentual ingredients, caviar, collagen, CBD, typical Swiss herbs and much more.

Upon a request we can produce products with no silikon, no alcohol, no preservatives, no PEG, no gluten, no synthetic dyes.

In general we produce our products cruelty-free with no mineral oils and no parabens. By the new products development we follow European Registration (PIF and CPNP application) guidlines. PIF / Product Information File and CPNP application can be provided upon a request as an additional service.